Experienced Web Developer specializing in elevating user experiences. My time at Carbon Direct saw me revamping a Craft CMS with JavaScript, PHP Twig templating, and Tailwind, increasing flexibility for marketing professionals. Beyond code, I diligently documented changes, fostering seamless collaboration among developers. ExtraHop was where I excelled at creating reusable web components using JS, HTML, SCSS, and jQuery, driving impactful digital campaigns. SEO enhancements further solidified my dedication to performance optimization and resulted to an increase in organic traffic by 21% leading to a 15% boost in conversion and engagement. As a Teaching Assistant at Code Fellows, I honed my ability to convey complex concepts with clarity. I'm ready to channel my innovation and teamwork into a new venture.

For additional information, please take a look at my current resume or contact me directly at bortelcc@gmail.com

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